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Our Proven Software Development Process

There are lots of different software development processes and philosophies: waterfall, agile, scrum, Kanban. They all have their benefits and their shortcomings. At Traust, our years of development experience has led to a proven process for addressing your most challenging business problems.

Throughout this disciplined and iterative process, we show progress, gather feedback, and innovate quickly to adapt to your unique needs. This well-defined process balances structure with flexibility to drive success for your custom software development project.

Traust's proven software development process

Business Challenge

If you’re coming to Traust, you already have some sort of business goals in mind, even if they haven’t fully taken form. Whether you’re looking to automate business processes, move beyond the limits of spreadsheets, reduce your reliance on expensive SaaS products, make better use of your business data, or all of the above, these goals serve as the launching point for our process.

Planning & Analysis

Our software development process begins with Discovery — a deep dive into your business that covers both how you work now and your goals for the future. This is where we research your business processes, document your functional requirements, and determine the most impactful path for implementation. At this stage, we work to understand who you are as an organization and what you hope to accomplish. We listen, we question, and we learn — before we start coding.


Equipped with an in-depth understanding of your organization and business goals, we begin the process of mapping your business processes and use cases to specific functionality. In this phase, you start to see what your solution is going to look like through a proof-of-concept demo. We’ll also put together a scope, schedule, and budget for the project. Our goal is to articulate specific steps and frame a clear outcome.

Solution Design

Big ideas are only as good as their execution. Blending creative vision with technical expertise, in this phase we’ll define how to make your software a reality. We design the system components that make your software unique for your business. From data handling and integrations to custom workflows to dashboards and reports, we establish a system that fulfills your technical requirements and helps you meet your business goals.


This is where the rubber meets the road. From system architecture and database structure to front-end design and functionality, our team of talented software developers and business experts manages everything. We get features working quickly and show progress, keeping decision-makers informed along the way. This phase of our software development process is a very collaborative effort. We work with your team to iterate on the design and functionality, until we get the solution you’re looking for.


Prior to launch, we rigorously test your new application to ensure it meets your business needs. Our quality assurance process includes a detailed review to confirm the code matches the technical requirements and design intent. Your internal team also gets to “take the wheel” and validate that the system will work for your day-to-day operations. Finally, we work correct any final bugs in preparation for the system to go into production.

Go Live

Moving off of your existing system into a new one can be challenging. We’re there every step of the way to assist your team and ensure that the system is running as expected. We also monitor and analyze how it performs against the success criteria defined at the beginning of the project. We finalize documentation for the project and conduct training sessions for your team. Finally, we present ideas for how to approach the next version of the solution.

Post-Launch Support

You didn’t start the software development process to implement a new system. You wanted to grow your business. Traust will be there to support you in the months and years to come. We can help you maintain your system, improve your operations with new features and integrations, and empower your leadership to plan for the future.

Ready to Level-up Your Operations?

Schedule a call with one of our solution architects and find out how we can help you with your custom software development, IT strategy, or staff augmentation needs.