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Our Staff Augmentation Process

Thorough Vetting, Seamless Integration

At Traust, our staff augmentation process is designed to ensure that we thoroughly vet and prepare consultants before they begin their project work. Our approach is rooted in a commitment to quality and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, ensuring that every consultant we place is not only highly skilled but also a great fit for the project at hand. This comprehensive process has been carefully crafted to assess, qualify, and prepare consultants to deliver exceptional results.

Through this thorough and proven approach to staff augmentation, Traust ensures that consultants are not only highly qualified but also well-prepared to integrate seamlessly into your projects and contribute effectively — from day one.

Diagram of Traust's staff augmentation process

From Sourcing to Success

How Our Staff Augmentation Process Prepares Top Talent for Your Projects


Our staff augmentation process begins with a thorough Needs Assessment, where we work closely with you to identify the specific skills required, the scope of duties, and the availability needed for the project. This foundational step ensures we have a clear and precise understanding of what you are looking for, enabling us to tailor our recruitment efforts accordingly. This phase culminates in a Master Recruiting Agreement, formalizing our partnership and setting the stage for a successful collaboration.


We engage in ongoing, targeted sourcing activities to identify great consultants. Our sourcing strategies include job postings, LinkedIn networking, user group participation, seeking referrals, and leveraging our internal database. This multifaceted approach allows us to cast a wide net and attract top consulting talent from diverse channels.


Once potential consultants are sourced, they undergo a rigorous screening process. We evaluate their experience, the industries they have worked in, their achievements, and relevant certifications. This stage ensures that only consultants who meet our stringent criteria move forward in the process.


Qualified consultants are then subjected to detailed interviews focusing on three key areas: technical aptitude, personal drive, and project best fit. During this phase, consultants also undergo both a Technical Review and a review by our Account & Operations teams to ensure they align with both your technical requirements and business objectives.


Consultants who successfully pass the qualification stage are presented to our clients. This step in our staff augmentation process involves showcasing the consultant’s strengths and — more importantly — how they align with your unique project needs.


Before a consultant interviews with you, we thoroughly prep them to ensure they are ready to meet your expectations. This preparation includes familiarizing them with the project specifics and any unique requirements you may have.


This is your opportunity to interview the consultant. This crucial step allows you to assess the consultant’s suitability for your project in a real-world context.


Post-interview, we conduct a debriefing session to gather feedback from both you and the consultant. This feedback is essential for making any necessary adjustments and ensuring a perfect match for your staff augmentation project.

Offer and Final Prep

Once a consultant is selected, we extend an offer and prepare them to begin their work. This preparation includes conducting a background check, reviewing the Traust Consultant Handbook, ensuring they have the necessary equipment and access, and setting clear client expectations.


Finally, the consultant begins their project work, fully vetted and prepared to deliver exceptional results for your critical IT project.

Ready to Tackle Your Critical IT Projects?

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