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We all carry around tiny digital computers that get increasingly more powerful each year. These mobile computers — can you believe we still call them phones?!? — have the ability to dramatically level up field services and sales operations.

1. Mobile turns your reps into adaptive decision makers

Mobile access to your backend data improves visibility to customer status and activities — including equipment, quotes, opportunities, and more — by uniting ERP and CRM information into one intuitive interface. This eliminates data silos, so your field team will be able to address customer needs and concerns proactively, ensuring high-quality customer service and spurring revenue growth.

2. Fix things right — the first time

Likewise, extensive customer histories enable you to be predictive and have knowledgeable expectations of onsite problems. You will avoid snags with missing paperwork and won’t need to waste time searching for missing assets.

3. Mobile field services is a catalyst for aftermarket sales

A mobile app provides unprecedented access to customer data that would otherwise be lacking. Heightened visibility to what the customer has struggled with and what other sites have done to solve similar issues means your field reps will have an informed opinion on how to benefit the customer most — including opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

4. Conquer unforeseen setbacks

When issues arise, your field services teams have real-time access to inventory and past service requests, allowing you to be highly adaptable and proactive with customers. You can solve the issue while onsite, ensuring your customers avoid unnecessary delays — and you avoid expensive repeat callbacks.

5. Automate tedious data entry and digitize tasks

No paperwork, no problems. Not only does mobile system access vastly cut down on the amount of time data collection takes, it also brings it into the digital age. A mobile solution makes data collection far more efficient, enabling your field services reps to seamlessly access and compile notes and records of every interaction or service. It even lets your field teams take photos and video and sync the data to backend systems within seconds. This allows them to focus on what’s important—the customer.

The best part is that you don’t even need a standalone app to get these results. By connecting your backend data to a secure, browser-based, responsive enterprise web application, your field services teams can be more productive, increase cross-sales, and reduce callbacks. Want to learn more? Connect with us today.