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In Oracle’s June 2019 announcement, the company revealed that its flagship IaaS product, Autonomous Database, would now include APEX. As Oracle competes with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and industry-focused solutions for more Cloud market-share, including a tool like APEX will provide organizations a robust development framework that augments an already-powerful database solution.

While Cloud products have inherent limitations (not unlike their on-premise counterparts), the nature of the subscription pricing associated with the Cloud model makes the Autonomous database particularly attractive for organizations that may have lower transaction volumes. Pricing is based on usage, and the solution is intended to automate cloning, patching, tuning, and other traditional DBA tasks. For the small-to-mid-sized business, such a solution can dramatically reduce operating costs and free existing IT staff to work on more strategic initiatives.

How APEX Benefits Small-to-Mid-Sized Companies

Now embedded in the Autonomous Database, Oracle APEX will provide companies a web-based development framework at no cost. While there are more Cloud-based ERP packages designed for the small-to-mid-sized business available today than even three or four years ago (smaller organizations have traditionally not required an enterprise-grade ERP), these solutions still come with a high cost.

For the 30-to-80-employee organization, Autonomous + APEX could be leveraged in tandem to support everything from your database layer, to building a reporting dashboard, to designing and deploying a web-based application from scratch. While APEX shouldn’t necessarily serve as an ERP replacement, organizations can leverage APEX to fill many of the gaps when an ERP either isn’t offering all the functionality prescribed, or when a strategic application for a unique use case is required.

APEX Training from Traust Consulting

If your organization is in growth mode and looking to take the next step in your IT maturity, both of these solutions are worth your due diligence. We provide training programs and development services to get you up to speed on both products. Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help.