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Security concerns are top-of-mind for many IT decisions, and rightfully so. The recent slew of hacks, attacks and breaches have affected everything from small websites to large troves of valuable data.

Worries about security are one of a few reasons why some companies may be hesitant to integrate more cutting-edge technology, such as mobility, into their ERP. Companies do not want sensitive information being stored outside of their servers on a cloud-based platform, and they do not want information to get into the wrong hands by virtue of a lost or stolen device.

However real these concerns are, they should not dissuade companies from taking less traditional approaches to ERP. Why? There is no catch-all for data security, even when storing everything internally.

We saw this last week with Dyn. Although they may have had a formidable firewall and extensive protocols in place to protect data they store internally, the threat still arrived (in the form of thousands of IoT devices having the default password setting and running the same software).

Safeguarding your information in-house means you are mentally alleviated from concerns that come from mobility, but it doesn’t mean your information is invulnerable.

The reality is that every security protocol has flaws, and those can be exposed, no matter where or how you secure data. Enterprise mobility has comprehensive security measures in place that safely and reliably secure your data. Whether you choose to go down the path of mobile device management and control all access to the mobile device, or limit control to a handful of applications, there are a plethora of options available. The trick is finding the right combination of control that will still facilitate a positive user experience, something which every company is capable of.

Instead of worrying about finding new ways to resist the arrival of enterprise-level mobile technology in order to avoid security risks, companies should recognize that security risks exist with every technology, and do their utmost to mitigate them while staying innovative.

Security concerns shouldn’t prevent companies from upgrading, it should compel them to implement advanced technology the right way—securely.

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