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Sometimes organizations aren’t ready to abandon their legacy IT solutions, but still require the robust backend data management gained from modern enterprise software.

Recently, a client came to Traust with a challenge regarding their ecommerce business:

It was important to this client that customers be able to purchase product from them online. Several years ago, a basic web interface was developed to capture orders, but was never integrated with their backend order management and fulfillment software solutions. As a result, customer service teams were manually reviewing and hand entering every website order into their backend system for fulfillment and invoicing. This was a labor intensive, error prone process that created latency and several pain points in their customer order workflow.

Due to time and cost, the client was not ready to implement and migrate to an enterprise class ecommerce IT solution. So, Traust sat down with the client to discuss interim options that would be less costly and less resource intensive. Traust staff’s in depth knowledge of enterprise software solutions allowed us to integrate the client’s legacy ecommerce site with their enterprise backend database, eliminating the need for the client’s customer service team to manually review and hand enter every order. This will save hundreds of hours, allowing the customer service team to focus on higher value-add tasks.

Sometimes the latest and greatest software isn’t the right decision for a company. Utilizing Traust’s strong advisory services and tenured staff to explore options that let you take advantage of existing technology can be a real win and extend the return on your organization’s investments. Contact Traust today to see how we can help.

Image Credit: “Titan Sunset” by Mark Harkin is licensed under CC BY 2.0