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Welcome to Part II of Traust’s ‘Getting Started with APEX’ series. After reading part one of this series, we assume you’ve completed some follow-up research and you’ve decided that APEX is a development tool worth exploring. 😊

Perhaps you work for a small business seeking to build applications on top of an Oracle Autonomous Database, or you’re a developer in an enterprise environment interested in augmenting your ERP or 3rd-party apps. If you fall under the former, chances are that your team doesn’t bring PL/SQL knowledge – that’s perfectly fine as there are plenty of resources available to you that we would be happy to share. If you work in an environment where you already have Oracle enterprise databases installed, you likely have someone on your team with PL/SQL knowledge.

Great news! Since APEX is built on a PL/SQL, you already have the foundational knowledge to get started.

Kick Start Your APEX Journey

In just a few weeks, you could have APEX supporting or augmenting a key business process at your organization. We’ve seen several clients build 20+ APEX screens/apps months after being introduced.

Here are a few actionable steps to get you kick-started in your APEX journey:

  • Oracle recently announced its ‘Always Free’ Cloud tier. You can go here to gain access to an ‘Always Free’ environment. Oracle’s Always Free environment provides a small amount of CPU and storage capacity, but it’s robust enough to build demo apps and gain exposure to both Autonomous Database and APEX at no cost to you.
  • Once you’ve downloaded your always free environment, Oracle APEX provides some great hands-on labs to walk you through a few of the basics: click here to access.
  • If you want an experienced partner to make sure your team has the requisite knowledge in APEX’s core functionality, Traust has developed a robust training program. We can get you up to speed in the basics, and then work alongside your developers in building a live application in your environment that solves a real business problem.

Why Partner with Traust Consulting?

The benefit of working with a team like Traust to get started is simple: while APEX is extremely developer-friendly with excellent short-cuts and pre-built functionality embedded, the value of sitting next to an expert and having the opportunity to ask those ‘what-if’ is invaluable. In any case, beginning with Oracle’s free resources is a great way to learn more about this powerful tool.