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BREAKING NEWS: paying your employees today is an important factor in getting them to show up tomorrow.

Okay – maybe this isn’t breaking news. But what is surprising is the number of companies that waste valuable time and resources performing this vital task inefficiently. And in addition to benefiting employees, well-designed time and labor workflows also help companies analyze where valuable resources are being spent, and which projects are creating the most ROI. However, countless business requirements must be considered to determine how employees are paid. Enterprise business systems can simplify this process, allowing you to define and standardize your time and labor workflow.

Recently, a client in the construction industry asked Traust for help building out a new Time and Labor system. The client’s needs were complex because of the construction industry’s tight regulation and combination of union and non-union labor. In this case, the company needed to incorporate business rules for over 90 unions into their Time and Labor software.

Traust stepped in and worked alongside the company’s payroll and finance subject matter experts to design an integrated solution that efficiently captured employees’ time and labor allocation. This project reduced the operational burden on the company’s payroll and finance teams, allowing them to pursue higher value-adding tasks.

Don’t let industry complexities hold down your business. Ask how Traust can help you build an environment that leverages your technology investment to make your employees’ jobs easier, not more complicated.

Photo Credit: “Money: A pile of 100 dollar bills” by 401(K) 2012 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0