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In the wake of the extreme business disruption from Covid-19, it’s been heartening to witness the generosity and common humanity displayed by those with the capacity, resources, and time available to serve others. Marketing leaders offering their time to fledgling small businesses, GoFundMe campaigns keeping the lights on at local restaurants, and software developers building applications to connect people to critical information (to name just a few). Many people are struggling to get by, and it truly seems like people are stepping forward to support one another. And, we’ve started to recognize and honor the roles that those in the food and healthcare spaces play in our lives.

How We Do Our Best at Traust

Outside of the Covid hole we find ourselves in, we find our most effective IT consultants at Traust Consulting to be those that embrace a ‘give first’ mentality. We are attracted to consultants and business leaders that understand that the act of giving creates leaders, and it’s not limited to job title. Those that are willing to hop on a call to provide guidance without expectation of a financial return, or generally fill a gap ‘beyond the call of duty’ are what make organizations great. These individuals are the leaders that Traust desires to add to its team as it seeks to provide the highest quality service to its clients. And these are the same people that you’re seeing doing extraordinary things to support others in the challenging times. Electing not to put on blinders, even if it’s inconvenient, will create opportunity for those willing to help now when Covid is behind us. People remember acts of service. Ultimately it comes down to this; at this stage of globalization, we all rely on countless mechanisms and unseen actors for nearly everything we buy and do. We are already taking a disproportionate amount, and until something like Covid, it’s hard to recognize that.

Moving Forward

While times like these certainly require out-of-ordinary contributions from us all to ensure we collectively move forward, we urge you to continue this spirt of ‘give, give, give, ask’ beyond the current crisis we find ourselves in. Some are fortunate to experience relatively limited disruption from Covid-19, but the script can flip quickly, and you may need the support of others to get by. No one is too busy to not provide help, and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when our time comes. Because it will, in a small or large way.

If you have a skill-set that can help others, offer it. Just don’t stop when the storm passes.