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Eric Anderson, Summer 2021 Traust internWe’re excited to announce that Eric Anderson has joined Traust as our 2021 summer intern. Eric is a student at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he is majoring in computer science.

Eric grew up in Minnetonka, MN, where he attended the local high school. He enjoyed math and science classes and knew he wanted a career in the STEM fields. He initially studied biomedical engineering during his freshman year but switched to computer science as a sophomore.

“I like the way computer science makes you think,” Eric says. “It’s pretty cool how you can procedurally tell a computer to solve exponentially complex problems and situations.” Beyond the basics of software development, he is fascinated by both machine learning and artificial intelligence. He’s also looking forward to learning more about cybersecurity.

Eric says he is excited to be working at Traust for the summer. “Part of the reason I took this internship was to get a better idea of what I wanted to do with my career. Computer science is such a broad discipline that you can kind of go in so many different directions.”

During his time on the team, he’s been learning how to set up data structures for building enterprise web applications. This work includes understanding the required features, as well as the end user experience around accessibility and authentication. He also got to attend the ODTUG Kscope21 virtual conference, which attracts Oracle developers from all over the world.

Eric is part of the Traust team that’s developing new custom business software for a specialty equipment manufacturer. The client has asked Traust to create an app that puts several different features into a single tool. The new solution lets their sales team create orders based on the end-user’s equipment needs and the available physical space. The app then creates an invoice and sends it to the customer, the salesperson, and whoever else needs it.

Outside of Traust, Eric has also been working as a front-end developer at StreamSum, a startup creating a context-aware advertising platform for Twitch. “StreamSum matches advertisers with streamers that meet their target-audience criteria,” he explains. “It’s kind of a one-to-one matching between streamers and advertisers.”

When he’s not studying or working, Eric can be found outside, playing pickup basketball and fishing. “I grew up on the lake, and I love being on the water.”