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Oracle APEX introduced the friendly URLs feature in APEX 20.1. If you are not careful with your page naming conventions, this feature can cause a page rendering error of:  “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

Friendly URLs will change the URL syntax in APEX.  Without it enabled, page links will load with the f?p=pageid syntax.  With it enabled, links will use the page alias defined for the page.

To check if you have friendly URLs turned on, go to Shared Components -> Application Definition Attributes -> Properties

The page alias can be found on any APEX page under the Identification header.  With friendly URLs enabled, the error will be shown if you have two or more pages with the same page alias name.

The most common way this can happen is from copying pages, renaming the page alias, and then forgetting that another page already has the same alias.  As soon as you turn friendly URLs off or change the page alias to a unique name, the error will no longer show.


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  • APEX 20.1
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