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Software engineers and application developers wear many hats, but none may be as important as client communications. The success of our work as custom software developers is dependent on how we communicate with our clients. As a partner in that relationship, we have the power to define it and shape it into one that is mutually rewarding and productive by what we say and how we say it.

Over more than twenty years in business, these simple steps have helped us strengthen client relationships and deliver successful projects.

Listen First

Every industry has specialized jargon, unique concepts, and dedicated tools. When walking into a new opportunity, we listen first, before making any recommendations. This helps ensure we understand both your industry and your company’s unique situation. While we’ll never be as knowledgeable as you, our listen-first approach helps us start the project in a better place.

Avoid Jargon

At the same time, we don’t expect clients to know our industry, so we try to avoid insider vocabulary. Most of the time, technical jargon only serves to create distance between developers and clients, causing confusion in the project. Instead, we try to relate ideas and techniques in common terms are easy to understand. When needed, we do our best to explain more complex concepts in terms that laypeople can readily grasp.

Use Visual Aids

As a society we often talk about people who are specifically “visual learners.” But it’s not just a small part of the world that learns by seeing and watching. Almost everybody can benefit from a visual representation of a problem or solution. Using a whiteboard is one common method, but on-screen examples and tutorials can often work just as well.

Share Goals

Clients hire Traust when they have a business problem that needs solving. Our first task in each project is to understand that problem and recognize the business challenge it is causing. In addition to being necessary to solving the problem, it helps establish Traust as part of the client’s team. When clients realize that we share their goals, it creates trust for the project, which helps to ensure success.

Be Timely

Meeting deadlines is an important part of any process, especially digital transformation initiatives. So, while it may seem obvious, Traust puts a special emphasis on timeliness. That’s why we strive to be early or on-time for all meetings and communication updates with our clients. By building timeliness into every part of our operations, we help ensure that we meet your business-critical deadlines.

Let Ideas Flow

Client input is an integral part of our work, so we never want clients to hold back. We want you to tell us your ideas about the project or information that you think could be helpful. Those insights are an important part of the success of our work, and your perspective and feedback are truly necessary. This two-way street of understanding between Traust and our clients is the foundation of our relationships and project success.

Looking for a partner who puts client relations at the forefront of any engagement? Let’s chat!