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The buzzword has been flying around in the Twin Cities, especially, about the APEX technology that is included with every Oracle Enterprise Database. You’re in either one of two camps: “What is this APEX thing?” or “I’ve heard about it, but what exactly can it do for me?”

Well, let’s take a quick dive into the high-level functionality of the tool. Oracle Application Express, commonly referred to as APEX, is a development toolkit that sits on an Oracle database and serves as a tool to build scalable, efficient web applications that cover a broad span of use cases. In simpler terms, it creates modern web apps using your enterprise data. And now, for the first time, it has appeared on the new Oracle Autonomous Database (more on that later).

Getting Started with Apex

For now, let’s focus on how your organization can get started using APEX. For larger organizations, it’s best to start with smaller use case rather than trying to replace your entire footprint with APEX. Some easy ways to get started are by utilizing the spreadsheet replacement tool, data loader functionality, or simply creating an interactive grid that allows you to have a live view of your Oracle data and interact with it. Conversely, it might be a nice way to replace legacy systems for a small business; utilizing APEX as a way to begin replacing QuickBooks, Microsoft Access, etc.

Many organizations have found this tool to be useful in various capacities; from leveraging an OCR solution to automate invoice inputs into EBS to replacing a homegrown ERP system, and from creating mobile timecards for employees to serving as a reporting tool for C-Suite executives to view on their iPads. This tool is so complex and robust, yet very versatile and easy to set up and maintain.

Traust Consulting

If you’re considering getting started with this tool, I would highly suggest reading through the many options on Oracle’s website, so that you can become more familiar with its capabilities, functionalities, and limits. Additionally, I would encourage you to engage in conversation with us at Traust, as we are experts in the field of enhancing your ERP environment or setting one up for the first time! As always, feel free to look at our blog to learn more about the services we provide and the products we utilize.