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I recently read an article by Tim Penny (former MN congressman) where he talked about community giving and making a difference.

He shared that charitable contributions in 2015 set a record of 373.3 billion dollars, which is not an inconsequential sum. Match those dollars with volunteer hours and we can accomplish wonderful work for others in need.

It is also a reminder that Americans are generous and caring. Midwesterners are the same. Understanding and playing a part in our communities is a responsibility we all share.

As we spend time rolling out our personal goals and corporate plans for 2017, it is important that we consider community causes.

As you make your list, I encourage you to consider where you can make a difference in our Oracle community. The Twin Cities and Midwest are blessed to have an outstanding Oracle community. That was very apparent with the positive energy, participation and excitement around the OAUG event last November.

Like many of you, I (and my team) have benefited from our use and affiliation with Oracle products and services, and we’ve also experienced the tremendous learning that can come from Oracle users coming together at community events.

Helping foster local relationships and providing timely/relevant events has always been a top priority for your local OAUG groups. A commitment to delivering excellent presentations and networking events are cornerstones that all of us benefit from, but the OAUG cannot do it alone.

It’s no secret that our local OAUG groups need your helpit is with your time and financial support that they will be able to continue to improve and bring benefit to you and your company. Perhaps you can volunteer to host an event, present on a topic of interest, and/or form a circle that pools resources and interest for a 2017 event. It’s a great opportunity to give forward!

For those of you who are involved and have contributed both time and money to local Oracle events, I say thank you. Participation and the spirit of involvement is one of the that assets that make our region special.

I appreciate and welcome that you share your thoughts with me and with others.

– Mark P

PS. Please look for and take time to complete the upcoming local OAUG e-survey

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