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Sales Reps Go Mobile

Unlock New Lines of Revenue

Henry is a sales representative for a manufacturer in the energy industry. His company offers a wide-range of equipment and customers often have unique and complex needs, so he relies on paper records to stay up-to-date on each customer site.

Due to lost or incomplete paperwork, Henry often times struggles to find information related to past service requests and current customer contact information, limiting his ability to up-sell and cross-sell. Henry utilizes a mobile CRM app but he oftentimes lacks the data he needs to feel prepared when visiting a customer site, such as up-to-date order management and installation information.

Henry’s boss calls Traust for an enterprise mobile application to increase Henry’s visibility to the status and activities of his customers (including equipment, past service requests, quotes, opportunities and updated contact information). Traust equips Henry with Pocket Sales and eliminates data silos, unifying the ERP and CRM information Henry needs into one app.

Henry can spend more time being proactive in his conversations with clients.

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Henry can access a comprehensive overview of each customer down to specific site details, all on his mobile device. He can use the site details menu to brush up on the most up-to-date customer information while also utilizing intuitive data collection to keep a digital record of contact information and interactions.

Now, Henry never has to worry about not having a piece of information or forgetting a critical piece of paperwork at the office. He can spend more time being proactive in his conversations with clients, making them aware of a different site that has had the same recurring issues and solved them with an upgrade.

Most importantly, Henry’s customers are happier. His approach to selling equipment is now custom tailored and responsive to their needs, and he is no longer caught by surprise from missing information. Henry now has an informed answer for any of their order service concerns.

Mobile means valuable information can be utilized anytime, anywhere.

Pocket Sales opens up new revenue streams for companies with field sales teams on-the-go, empowering your sales reps with unprecedented access to enterprise data, all stored in the place where it’s most accessible—their pocket.

Want to see Pocket Sales in action? Click here to view an interactive demo and explore the application.


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