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See how Traust has helped clients embrace and implement technology that makes business more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Clinical Trial Supply & Logistics Application

Global Clinical Trial Services Provider

A leading global provider of clinical trial services sought to overhaul their study data and clinical supplies management systems. They partnered with Traust to create a sophisticated Oracle APEX application that seamlessly integrates their clinical trial supply and logistics management.

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Oracle Cloud Financials Support

C.H. Robinson

When they moved their financial system to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, C.H. Robinson turned to Traust to help with post-implementation support and system enhancements. Traust provided support over a 15-month period helping the C.H. Robinson team refine the system configuration, streamline workflows, and implement needed enhancements to their Oracle Cloud Financials system.

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Self-service Customer Portal

Custom Tooling Manufacturer

Traust helped a precision tooling manufacturer build a new customer portal that provides easy access to order history, technical drawings, and specifications for the tools the company has manufactured for them. The portal also allows the manufacturer’s network of independent dealers to access up-to-date pricing and product data, ensuring that customer quotes are based on accurate information.

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Oracle Forms Modernization

Public University Foundation

One of the largest public university foundations in the midwest was struggling with their Gift & Expectancy Processing system. Due to antiquated Oracle Forms software, a small pool of development experts, shifting Foundation demands, and time constraints, the existing system had reached the end of its life. Traust worked with the Foundation’s in-house development team to deliver a replacement system built on Oracle APEX.

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Pricing Automation System

Banner Engineering

As a channel-based business, Banner Engineering sells sensors and related products through distributors to manufacturing companies in the Fortune 500. But managing more than 4,000 unique, manually-maintained sales agreements was causing confusion for both customers and employees. Banner turned to Traust to help implement a new, Oracle-based pricing automation system that reduces manual labor, better organizes their discount policies, and protects confidential customer data.

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Rental Equipment System

Mortenson Construction

M.A. Mortenson is probably best known as a national general contractor/construction company, but they also run a construction equipment rental business. They had been struggling to integrate data from their rental equipment system into their backend Oracle ERP, so Mortenson turned to Traust to help develop an in-house solution. The goal was to reduce overhead by creating a system that would better leverage their existing investment in Oracle EBS — without the long-term tech debt of a custom solution.

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ERP Implementation

Phillips Distilling Company

Phillips Distilling turned to Traust to improve operations and customer experience by enhancing its Oracle EBS enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. By organizing their financial management processes, automating business processes around pricing and quality control, and developing new order-management capabilities, the new ERP implementation has helped Phillips scale operations and grow their international business.

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Custom Web Application

House of Charity

House of Charity provides housing and additional services to adults in Minneapolis experiencing long-term homelessness. With significant growth in their services, House of Charity’s existing system for managing client reservations and attendance could no longer keep up. Traust stepped in with new, custom enterprise application to help them better manage both their busy day-to-day work and the sometimes-cumbersome reporting requirements that come with public funding.

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