See how Traust has helped clients embrace and implement technology that makes business more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Gift Process Application

Public University Foundation

Public universities in America are supported by nonprofit foundations that raise money from alumni and other benefactors. One such foundation — who asked that their name be kept anonymous — engaged Traust to help develop a modernized, web-based gift processing application.

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Pricing Automation System

Banner Engineering

Every 3.5 seconds, a Banner Engineering sensor is installed somewhere in the world. Banner solves problems for most of the manufacturing companies in the Fortune 500, as well as the startups changing the industry with leading-edge production.

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Rental Equipment System

Mortenson Construction

M.A. Mortenson is probably best known as a national general contractor/construction company, but their business includes so much more. They are incredibly diversified, doing everything from engineering and light manufacturing to fulfillment and preventive maintenance on renewable energy systems.

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Custom Web Application

House of Charity

House of Charity provides housing and additional services to adults in Minneapolis experiencing long-term homelessness. Once a hotel, the building at 510 South 8th Street now houses 116 men and women who have experienced homelessness. With staff support, House of Charity’s clients tackle the barriers that keep them from maintaining housing stability.

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ERP Implementation

Phillips Distilling Company

Since 1912, Phillips Distilling Company has been producing high-quality spirits and popular brands. As one of America’s oldest family-owned spirits companies, the company takes pride in their independent spirit. They are committed to innovation, quality, and community.

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