C.H. Robinson solves logistics problems for companies across the globe and across industries, from the simple to the most complex. With $30 billion in freight under management and 20 million shipments annually, C.H. Robinson is one of the world’s largest logistics platforms. When they moved their financial system to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, C.H. Robinson turned to Traust to help with post-production support and system enhancements.

C.H. Robinson went live and Traust brought in as a post-production support, providing hypercare to get them to a steady state. (Hypercare is the period of time immediately following a system Go Live where an elevated level of support is available to ensure the seamless adoption of a new system.) Traust provided support over a 15-month period — after the original system integration partner completed their work — until C.H. Robinson was comfortable using the new Oracle Cloud Financials system and supporting it on their own.

Post-Launch Support for Day-to-Day Operations

Whenever you go live with a new ERP system, especially a cloud system, there are going to be issues to address as well as changes to implement. These changes come from both users and the organization in terms of how they adapt to the new system. Traust provided day-to-day support for C.H. Robinson in areas across the Oracle Cloud Financials system including issues related to:

  • Tax
  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Cybersecurity
  • General Ledger (GL)
  • Assets

Traust consultant Ibrahim Haji-Said, an Oracle Cloud Financials Analyst, explains, “There were a lot of tickets coming in where users were saying, ‘I can’t create invoices’ or ‘my tax is not calculating correctly on my invoice’ or ‘the invoice can’t get paid’ or ‘I can’t post a journal entry’ or ‘I can’t retire an asset.’ The Traust team handled all of those issues as part of C.H. Robinson’s Center of Excellence group.”

Enhancing Oracle Cloud Financials

Moreover, the Traust consulting team worked in a change management role, helping C.H. Robinson’s business users understand how the new system works and how it’s different than the old system. As part of the project, Traust also updated and refined the Oracle Cloud Financials configuration, to help better meet C.H. Robinson’s needs and system requirements.

For example, Traust helped streamline workflows to ensure success for the users. C.H. Robinson identified situations where invoices weren’t getting paid quickly enough because there were so many levels to the workflow, which slows down the invoice processing time. The Traust consulting team developed and implemented a solution to refine the invoicing workflow to speed up processing.

In addition to post-production support and process improvements, Traust also helped C.H. Robinson with system enhancements, including rollouts of service to new countries not included in the original implementation. These rollouts entailed full country configuration, including setting up a ledger, the legal entity, and all of the business units across numerous new countries, including Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Brazil, Malaysia, Dubai, Kenya, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our work ensured that C.H. Robinson could capture and process all needed accounting data in their Oracle Cloud Financials system as the company secured new business in each country.

Work to Be Proud of

Says Haji-Said, “Rolling out an entire new country and setting up the system so they can record all of their transactions is a huge deal. That’s one of the parts of this project that I’m very proud of.”

Through dedicated support, strategic process improvements, and needed system enhancements, the Traust consulting team ensured a smooth transition to the new Oracle Cloud Financials system and helped C.H. Robinson reach a steady state of operations. By effectively resolving issues related to tax, accounts payable, cybersecurity, general ledger, and company assets, Traust played a crucial role in this critical change management initiative.

Together, our work refining the system configuration, streamlining workflows, and facilitating successful rollouts to new countries has been instrumental in supporting C.H. Robinson’s financial system transformation and enhancing their global logistics operations. Need help with Oracle Cloud Financials implementation or post-implementation support? Let’s connect to ensure a successful transition.

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Project Tech Stack

  • Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP
  • Oracle Cloud Financials