Traust presents… Business Horrors

Running a business can be downright scary sometimes. Between budget killers, zombie data, and monstrous workloads, there’s danger lurking around every corner. See how Traust can help you fight back against these common work terrors with custom business software.

Attack of the SaaS Vampires

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps can be frightfully expensive! If your team has more than a handful of people, and everyone needs a user account, the costs can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars each year. And that’s just for one service. From finance and payroll to productivity to sales and marketing, it takes a lot of systems to run a business. A custom software solution — especially one that combines functions from multiple apps — can potentially reduce your total cost of ownership.

Data of the Living Dead

In the digital era, data is your company’s lifeblood. Having access to accurate and up-to-date information ensures you can make smart decisions about your business. Are your projects on-track? How many days are you averaging on A/R? Is your pipeline large enough to meet this quarter’s sales goals? Will spoilage bury your profit margin? Without real-time analytics and dashboards tailored to your unique business needs, your business intelligence might as well be the walking dead.

We Dare You to Replace Frankenstein’s Process!

Your business processes are the bones that support your operations. Well-built processes will help you build higher than you ever thought possible. But haphazard ones — processes pieced together by default or in reaction to crises — can leave you with a monster that will tear your business apart. While it can be scary to try new things, the most successful businesses are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve. Today, that means taking a digital-first approach to your business operations and designing processes that will ensure a happy ending.

Curse of the Generic Software

Your business is unique, but commercial off-the-shelf software treats you like a mindless minion. It’s designed to work “good enough” for anyone’s business, so instead helping improve your way of doing things, it forces you to conform to its way. And because it has to work for any number of different companies, this often means convoluted and inefficient processes that try too hard to meet everyone’s needs. A custom software solution is designed to meet your company’s specific needs. No compromises, workarounds, or brainwashing required.

The Spreadsheet that Wouldn’t Die!

Spreadsheets are the original killer app, but in the 21st century, relying on them to run your operations is just as likely to kill your business. Why? They’re difficult to keep up-to-date, their data is nearly impossible to verify, and trying to share them with your team can be a real nightmare. And if your new intern (or the CEO) accidentally deletes a formula? Shudder. To keep your business safe from spreadsheet disasters, consider a custom software solution. With a secure home for all your data and processes, custom business software will let you finally rest in peace (of mind).

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