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Construction & Engineering Companies

In the face of rising project complexities, challenging supply chains, and tight budgets, leverage your data to build digital operations that drive performance.

With rising project complexities, increased competition, and the need for greater operational efficiency, construction and engineering companies must adapt to stay ahead. Traust’s network of experienced developers and IT consultants understands the intricacies of the construction and engineering industry and offers comprehensive ERP consulting and digital transformation services to help companies navigate the current moment.

Engineers in safety vests on construction site access ERP system from tablet.
Operator climbs from crane equipment on construction site.

By streamlining processes, improving collaboration, and providing real-time project visibility, Traust helps construction and engineering companies deliver projects on time and within budget. And by leveraging advanced analytics and automation, we help companies optimize their resource allocation β€” from manpower assignments to equipment tracking β€” to improve utilization rates and minimize downtime, leading to increased operational efficiency and profitability.

Financial management is another critical aspect of construction and engineering, and Traust helps companies track and analyze costs, budgets, assets, contracts, and invoices effectively. By integrating financial data with project management and resource allocation, Traust enables construction and engineering companies to make informed financial decisions, improve cash flow management, and ensure compliance with industry regulations and accounting standards.

Engineer in office uses tablet to access ERP system.

Traust works with construction and engineering companies to implement and optimize ERP systems tailored to meet their specific industry needs, enabling real-time project visibility, streamlined processes, and improved collaboration.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Leverage real-time data on inventory levels, production schedules, and supplier performance to better control and optimize your supply chain.

Construction and Engineering Project Management

Project Management

Monitor progress, track costs, and manage resources in real-time to identify project risks, anticipate issues, and make better decisions.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Track, analyze, and report on critical data across systems, departments, and locations to gain real-time insight into your operations.

Quality Control Shield for Construction and Engineering

Quality Control

Automate quality management processes, track non-conformances, and reduce the risk of costly mistakes and rework.

Resource Allocation and Asset Management for Construction and Engineering

Resource Allocation & Asset Management

Leverage advanced analytics and automation to optimize resource allocation, improve utilization rates, and minimize downtime.

Financial Management & Reporting

Financial Management & Reporting

Streamline financial processes, including financial planning, project budgeting, cash flow management, forecasting, and reporting.

Case Study

Tailored Functionality and
360ΒΊ Visibility

M.A. Mortenson had been struggling to integrate data from their rental equipment system into their backend Oracle ERP, so they turned to Traust to help develop an in-house solution. The goal was to reduce overhead by creating a system that would better leverage their existing investment in Oracle EBS β€” without the long-term tech debt of a custom solution.

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