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Completely on-premise applications have all but evaporated. But the cloud is still forming. While cloud applications offer advantages like subscription-based pricing, the elimination of hardware, and automatically updated environments, they don’t always provide the flexibility or security organizations require.

Because of this, many organizations are choosing a hybrid approach to the cloud. Taking a walk-before-run approach, organizations are identifying specific areas where modern cloud offerings best meet their individual needs. Smaller transitions provide opportunities to learn and adjust to new cloud capabilities. In addition, companies have time to build confidence and ease into major shifts in roles and responsibilities required by cloud transitions.

Over the next several years, hybrid enterprise environments are likely to be the norm. As the cloud matures, organizations will combine different cloud offerings to find the right mix for their needs. On-premise applications will continue to be utilized for highly customized, tightly controlled solutions, while cloud-based services will be adopted when the offerings are robust enough to handle business requirements. Although many other IT service providers predict a rapid shift to completely cloud-based applications, Traust sees the transition occurring over a longer timeline.

Traust knows that every organization has different enterprise IT needs. We’ll take time to understand your unique situation and how cloud and on-premise services can work together to best drive your organization forward.

image credit: spring showers by Nancy <I’m gonna SNAP! is licensed under CC BY 2.0