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Traust team — Dan Hogan, Andrew Schultz, and Stephen Piper — attending the 2023 ODTUG Kscope Conference.The 2023 ODTUG Kscope conference in Aurora, CO recently concluded, bringing together a vibrant community of Oracle experts, professionals, developers, end users, and enthusiasts. I had the pleasure of attending alongside my extremely talented teammates Andrew Schultz and Stephen Piper. One of this year’s conference tracks showcased the power and ability of Oracle APEX and the exciting possibilities of extending ERP and SaaS environments. Let’s delve into the highlights and key takeaways from this annually anticipated event.

Focusing on Oracle APEX

One of the central themes of the 2023 Kscope conference, and for the Traust team, was Oracle APEX, the low-code/rapid development platform we leverage to quickly and efficiently build robust applications for our clients. I had the opportunity to learn about the growing possibilities of APEX through engaging sessions, hands-on workshops, and real-world case studies.

  1. Low-Code Development Empowers Innovation: Kscope emphasized the growing importance of low-code development as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency. Experts showcased APEX’s intuitive interface, extensive pre-built components, and seamless integration with the Oracle ecosystem. In various sessions, we saw firsthand how APEX empowers developers to rapidly create robust applications while reducing the need for complex coding, enabling organizations to drive innovation at a faster pace.
  2. Enhancing User Experiences: The conference highlighted how APEX allows developers to create custom, intuitive, and visually appealing user interfaces. We explored APEX’s rich set of features for creating responsive designs, interactive dashboards, and dynamic data visualizations. By leveraging APEX’s built-in capabilities, organizations can deliver exceptional, tailored user experiences that enhance productivity and engagement.

Extending ERP and SaaS Environments

Another focal point of the conference was the concept of extending ERP and SaaS environments through use of APEX and other Oracle technologies. Presentations and discussions explored the possibilities of integrating and customizing Oracle ERP and SaaS applications, such as Oracle Fusion Cloud applications, Oracle NetSuite, and more.

  1. Integration Strategies for Seamless Workflows: Experts shared strategies for integrating APEX applications with existing ERP and SaaS environments. I was able to gain insight into leveraging Oracle Integration Cloud Services (ICS), Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), and Oracle Autonomous Database for seamless data exchange, process automation, and workflow integration. This approach positions organizations to leverage the capabilities of APEX while maintaining the integrity of their ERP and SaaS investments.
  2. Customizing User Interfaces: Kscope presenters provided practical guidance on customizing user interfaces within ERP and SaaS environments using APEX. Attendees discovered techniques for creating personalized interfaces that align with specific business requirements — financials, sales, production, etc. APEX’s flexibility allows developers to tailor user experiences by adding custom pages, modifying workflows, and integrating external systems, enabling organizations to optimize their ERP and SaaS applications to meet unique needs.

Collaboration and Networking

Beyond the sessions, Kscope fostered an environment of collaboration and networking. Attendees had ample opportunities to connect with industry experts, Oracle ACEs, and fellow professionals. These interactions allowed for the exchange of ideas, sharing of experiences, and building valuable connections within the Oracle community. I personally left with a handful of meaningful connections that I’m looking forward to growing over the coming years, including members of the ODTUG board, who have been extremely helpful and supportive even after the conference ended.

  1. Expert Interactions: Kscope provided a platform for attendees to engage with Oracle experts, including Oracle ACEs, who shared their knowledge and experiences. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and gain insights into best practices and emerging trends within the Oracle ecosystem. The numerous networking events gave extra opportunity as well to engage with the industry experts and ACEs.
  2. Peer Networking: The conference facilitated many networking opportunities — happy hours, breakfasts and lunches, routine coffee breaks, and even larger events like a night under the sea at the Denver Aquarium where attendees could connect with like-minded professionals in the company of tiger sharks and manta rays. These interactions enabled attendees to ignite new, strong relationships, exchange ideas, and establish a support network within the Oracle and ODTUG communities.

Looking Ahead

The 2023 ODTUG Kscope conference provided a glimpse into the future of Oracle APEX and the expanding horizons of ERP and SaaS environments. As low-code development gains momentum and organizations seek to leverage their existing investments, the role of APEX in extending and customizing ERP and SaaS applications becomes increasingly critical. I left with a deeper understanding of Oracle APEX’s capabilities, its growing potential, and the possibilities for extending ERP and SaaS environments through such technologies. As we look ahead in 2023, the possibilities for Oracle APEX and extending ERP and SaaS environments are boundless, paving the way for enhanced productivity, innovation, and success.

Want to learn more about the presentations at this year’s Kscope? Looking to better understand how you can extend your ERP and SaaS environments using Oracle APEX applications? Let’s connect.