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In a keynote at Oracle CloudWorld 2023, Oracle Executive Vice President Juan Loaiza unveiled new features in Oracle Database 23c that integrate generative AI to enhance the experience for developers, data professionals, and application users. These features include native support for vectors in the database, enabling developers to work with complex unstructured data using natural language queries. This facilitates the integration of large language models (LLMs) into applications, allowing for generative AI capabilities. One example is the use of generative AI in applications where users can upload images, and the AI finds similar items or products by matching vectors with stored business data.

Additionally, Oracle Database 23c introduces a feature called retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), which combines vectors and LLMs to deliver responses to natural language queries, enhancing AI reliability by providing information sources. This enables users to verify the authenticity of AI-generated information.

The integration of AI vector search and RAG in Oracle Database 23c allows developers to easily add generative AI capabilities to their applications while maintaining security, performance, and cost benefits. Oracle is also extending these generative AI capabilities to low-code platforms like Oracle APEX and SQL Developer, enabling developers to generate applications and SQL queries using natural language, simplifying the enterprise application development process.

Furthermore, Oracle Database 23c introduces JSON-Relational Duality, offering the best of both JSON and relational data types for developers in their applications. By consolidating various data types, including vectors, into a single converged database, Oracle aims to simplify application development and empower data professionals and developers to work more efficiently with generative AI.

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