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There is a constant debate in the IT community of what’s more important: the software solutions we design or the hardware that we run it on. The reality is that you can’t have one without the other. Where should organizations be spending their time and money when they want to improve performance and efficiency? Of course, you can build better-optimized software and purchase higher-quality hardware. But sometimes the key to better performance is finding the right harmony between your hardware and software systems.

Recently, one of our clients was faced with constant performance challenges regarding their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. They came to Traust after conducting several internal investigations on how to address the problem. Their conclusion was that running their ERP solution on third-party hardware was creating latency and drag on their user experience. It was also delaying several critical, behind-the-scenes jobs and back-up services.

Traust was able to advise them on how pairing software solutions with the optimal hardware could have an immediate ROI. The results would improve their system performance, reduce maintenance requirements, and increase optimization. Because this migration process and toolkit was new to the client’s staff, Traust worked as local subject matter experts. We came in and quickly set up a development instance to prove out the performance improvement opportunity. The client saw the immediate benefit of this new strategic partnership of software and hardware.

Enterprise IT solutions are large investments. Today, the life cycle of these investments is getting longer, and the performance expectations are increasing. Having a comprehensive understanding of your system architecture — both software and hardware — can lead to a longer, more productive solution. It can even ultimately reduce the total investment required.

If your critical business systems aren’t performing up to your needs, it may be that your software and hardware aren’t working in harmony. Through our IT strategy and consulting services, Traust regularly helps clients understand their system architecture options. By creating a strategic IT partnership between hardware and software, you can meet — and even exceed — your performance goals. Contact Traust today to see how we can help.