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We all breathed a sigh of relief knowing that 2020 is over, but we wanted to take this moment to look back at a few of the good things that happened.

While all of us at Traust were home (and we still are), we used 2020 to invest in some pretty cool content through blogs and podcasts. In an effort to celebrate the journey, we wanted to share a recap of the top posts according to you! This will include our top 3 blog posts from 2020 along with a short summary for those that still haven’t read these.

We plan to continue our investment in content that you are interested in so please, come back for more and reach out anytime to tell us what you want to see or hear next!

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The Top 3

1.)  Create Dynamic Links for Interactive Reports in Oracle APEX by Andrew Schultz, posted on January 7, 2020.

  • Uses an example of managing subscriptions to display dynamic content that will hide/show depending on the value and do something when selected.
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2.)  Set Value Without Violating Session State Protection in Oracle APEX by Andrew Schultz, posted on June 2, 2020.

  • This blog talks about a use case for avoiding a session state violation error when showing and editing a value for users while not allowing them to edit the field.
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3.)  Oracle APEX Image Errors After an Upgrade by Andrew Schultz and posted on April 15, 2020.

  • Common errors can occur when upgrading to a different Oracle APEX version.  Problems can range from JavaScript errors to images not loading properly.  There are guides from various sources to address these, but this blog provides a checklist to have everything in one place.
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See you Soon!

Come back for more content like this in 2021 and let us know what else you want to see by contacting us. Next week we will share the top 3 podcasts from our Invisible Giants podcast series launched in 2020.

We are here for you and cheers to 2021!

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